Dave Newman

Web Development Manager

With extensive experience in delivering large online and software projects in for-profit and non-profit environments, I am highly skilled in leading and collaborating with key stakeholders and clients to define and implement new tools, technology processes and digital strategies that increase the overall bottom line.

Unique in my abilities to conceptualize both creative and technical solutions, I have achieved measurable results in developing and implementing innovative marketing and technology strategies responsible for driving organizational visibility through the successful launch and enhancement of numerous international websites.

My leadership and development experience provide the distinct advantage of a strong technical development background which proves invaluable when managing technical teams and working effectively across diverse organizations. Additionally, my years of experience in the agency realm makes me very comfortable estimating creative projects and scoping work for a development team.

My experience includes business and organizational development, intranet management, website development and project management with a focus on both business and technical operations.

My core strengths include creativity, resourcefulness, productivity, leadership, communication and customer satisfaction. But my greatest strength is the ability to simplify the problem and get to a solution as quickly and cleanly as possible. As my current supervisor said to me recently, “Dave, people send the big projects to you because you are a person who gets things done.” This is the greatest compliment to me.